Will Orgonite Protect You From EMF Radiation?

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Electronic devices are embedded into modern-day life. Everything from phones to microwaves are essential to our day-to-day life. However, it is important not to ignore the fact that every electronic device creates an electronic magnetic field whether in the home or the workplace.

Many researchers and experts have expressed concern about whether electronic magnetic fields could have a negative impact on our wellbeing. Some have questioned the safety of EMF exposure. 

Electromagnetic radiation is generated from wireless devices. This includes:

  • Wireless routers
  • Cellphones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Laptops 
  • And more

Devices that you are exposed to daily emit varying levels of radiation. 

Many people assume that these devices are harmless. However, some scientists disagree. 

This study showed that WIFI radiation, for example, could pose some problems for humans.


wifi radiation


The research into electromagnetic field radiation is extensive and despite the building evidence, people are still being exposed to potentially dangerous devices. That’s why it’s important to know if there’s any way to protect yourself and your family from this type of exposure. One possible option is orgonite. 

What Is Orgonite?

Orgonite refers to a mixture of quartz crystals, semi-precious gemstones, resin, and different metal shavings. The man-made combination is often viewed as a product that can be used to balance or harmonise bio-energy levels which are known as chi, prana, or orgone. 

The resin-based product is based on the work of Austrian psychiatrist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Reich spent a lot of time researching orgone energy in the first half of the 20th century. He proposed that orgone was an omnipresent substance that was massless and more closely associated with living energy compared with inert matter.

Dr. Reich suggested that it could create organization on a variety of scales from macroscopic structures to entire galaxies. Reich also argued that issues with bodily orgones were the root cause of a wide range of issues with wellbeing. 

During his research, he created devices that were designed to collect orgone energy from the surrounding environment. He believed that this would enable him to study the energy and use it to improve general levels of health and vitality. 

He concluded that certain organic materials were capable of holding orgone energy while non-organic metals could both attract and repel the same type of energy. The products made from orgonite which are available to purchase today are based largely on his findings. 

People who use orgonite believe that energy that is out of balance is absorbed into the products due to the mix of metal and resin. It can then be brought back to a healthy or vibrant state by the crystal that is embedded inside the product. 


lady holding orgonite


Some people have reported a decreased sensitivity to EMFs when using an orgonite product. 


Will Orgonite Protect You From EMF Radiation? 

While Reich - a student of Freud - claimed that orgone energy existed, to date, there has been no research that has been able to prove it can block EMF radiation. There is also no scientific instrument that can be used to measure orgone energy.

As such, people who view these products as a potential option for protecting themselves do so without any empirical evidence or scientific research to back up the claims.

However, according to sellers of orgonite devices, they work by recycling the negative field EMF energy. As Reich suggested decades ago, these sellers believe that the devices are capable of absorbing EMF radiation. 

The only potential scientific evidence to support Reich’s theory was the fact he claimed you could view orgone energy as a blue glow underneath a microscope. That said, Reich is the only recorded person who has been available to view this effect. 

However, this doesn’t explain why some people report that they have experienced fewer symptoms of EMF radiation when using orgonite products. 

One possible reason for this could be the placebo effect. The placebo effect describes anything that seems to be a “real” medical treatment but isn’t. The placebo effect has been viewed in countless scientific studies over the years. Researchers use placebos as a control to determine what effect, if any, a new drug or treatment has on patients for a specific condition. 

In some cases, a person will have a response to the placebo. This is referred to as the “placebo effect.” The effect can either be positive or negative depending on the situation.

For instance, it’s possible that the effect can cause the person’s symptoms to improve. Studies have shown that placebos can impact people who are experiencing various health issues. 

There are scientific debates on what causes the placebo effect. However, the main theory postulates that people experience the effect of their expectations.

So, if they expect a pill to have an impact on their condition it will. The impact is usually short lived but studies also show that people will report improvements even when there is no data to support the claim. 

This could explain why some people view orgonite as being an effective treatment. While it may not provide any actual benefits, it could be enough that it makes people feel better and essentially helps to relieve some of their symptoms. 


What Alternatives Are Available To Orgonite? 

While orgonite may not be an effective way to protect yourself from EMF radiation, some alternatives could deliver more benefits. 

This includes products that are used to protect the body from a range of EMF emissions. Certain products may be used to produce yourself from EMF emissions that stem from anything such as a wifi router to the ambient EMF radiation that may be present in the environment around you.

For instance, you could consider using an EMF Radiation Blocking Hoodie. These can block 99% of EMF radiation up to 40 GHz from Wifi, bluetooth and even cell towers.



Alternatively, if you want to protect yourself from EMF radiation at night, then you can consider using an EMF radiation blocking blanket. This can be added on top of your duvet to block wireless EMF radiation. 

Other products are used that protect you by blocking the radiation from certain devices that you may use daily.

For instance, you might want to explore an item such as an EMF Radiation Blocking Phone Pouch which also offers cyber-security and privacy. Products like this essentially offer a shield that delivers a higher level of protection compared to something like orgonite which is both scientifically untested and unproven. 

Studies have explored whether this type of EMF protection is useful for reducing symptoms that are associated with EMF radiation. For instance, one study in 2008 explored whether EMF protection could reduce problems with sleep. The study found that some participants did experience positive changes in their sleep patterns. 

A further study in 2019 explored the use of shielding methods to protect individuals from EMF energy. The researchers concluded that while certain products had little to no impact on EMF radiation exposure, other items could have potential if they were developed and produced the right way.

The research also concluded that urgent research was required to ensure the development of safe, effective shielding methods. 

Another study in 2015 highlighted the importance of ensuring that children and teenagers were protected from EMF radiation. Particularly, since they need to communicate using digital, electronic devices 24 hours per day.

The research concluded that there is no current way to assess the damage that these devices could be doing to a child's brain, vision, or hearing. 


Other Options To Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation 

There are other steps that you can take to protect yourself from EMF radiation and minimise the potential risk for your family. For instance, you should make sure that you are staying at least ten feet away from any wifi routers.

You might also want to consider turning the router off when it is not in use such as at night. This will limit the levels of EMF radiation in your home. 

You might also want to avoid using wireless headphones and other wired devices.

That’s why you may want to consider using EMF Radiation Free Air Tube Headphones instead. This will ensure that you can listen to your favourite music as podcasts without exposure to EMF radiation. 

You should also aim to ensure that you are not using a computer or similar mobile device too close to your body and try to limit the amount of time you spend on devices like this. 

We hope this helps you understand whether orgonite can protect you from EMF radiation.

Ultimately, there is little to no scientific evidence to support this idea, despite the claims from previous users that it is effective. Instead as an alternative, you may want to consider using a scientifically tested form of EMF radiation shielding or exploring the options mentioned above. 

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